3105, 2017

Two new panelists

We are happy to announce that Clive Frostick, Head of the Analytics team at Ipsos MORI, and Ian Gilmore, Head of Science at the National Physical Laboratory will be a part of this year’s panel discussion.

You can fin out more about our speakers and panelists here.


1503, 2017

In the news: Big data unites the study of stars with cancer research (BBC)

Big data is a tool many disciplines are using more and more. So it’s no coincidence when two seemingly unrelated areas of study converge using big data analytics.

As the BBC reported earlier this week, a collaboration between astronomers and oncologists through a recently funded Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge Award is bridging the gap between […]

1003, 2017

Erik Mayer joins conference panel

We are excited to announce that Erik Mayer, Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, will be joining Big Data Analytics Conference as a member of the panel discussion.

Mr Mayer is also an Honorary Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College Hospital NHS Trust and The Royal Marsden Hospital.

He completed a PhD thesis evaluating aspects of […]

3001, 2017

Getting Ready for the 2017 Big Data Analytics Conference

Registration for the 2017 Big Data Analytics Conference is open — an informative look into the topic of Data Quality.

The amount of data being collected across the world has been increasing at a staggering rate. This so-called ‘Big Data’ movement has brought with it numerous opportunities and such data is expected to become a key […]