Welcome to the Big Data Analytics Conference Series

Hosted by Cancer Research UK and sponsored by Winton

On behalf of Cancer Research UK and Winton, we welcome you to the Big Data Analytics Conference Series.

2017 Big Data Analytics IV Conference: Data Quality

Big data has become a hot topic, with many conferences being organised each year. The Big Data Analytics series seeks to be different from most. Rather than presenting uncritical eulogies for the possibilities of big data, this series considers the tools, methods, and challenges of extracting understanding from data. Each year the meeting has a different theme. This year’s theme was Data Quality.

Data quality is an issue which affects everyone concerned with data analysis or making decisions based on data. This is true for researchers in the health sector, manufacturing, the service industry, the finance sector, and indeed everywhere else. The classic adage Garbage In, Garbage Out is an especially forceful warning in the realm of big data, where each data point cannot be examined by eye, but one must rely on the computer as a necessary intermediary. Unfortunately there is no limit to the number of ways in which data can be distorted or corrupted.

Data quality issues have three strands: prevention, detection, and correction. This conference looked at all three.

Speakers, Panellists and Presentations

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